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Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer my data on a current POS to NeraPOS?

Mostly, yes. If the current software has the capability to export customer and inventory details, it is possible to transfer the data into NeraPOS. We will be happy to investigate and check that for you.

Can I run NeraPOS on any PC?

Yes. That is absolutely possible. You can also run the system on Mac, iOS and Android systems.

Is it possible to operate the POS software from a home computer?

Yes. You will be always connected to your business through your smart phone, tablet or your PC, with one click you will monitor, modify, manage your business.
Not only this but also u can have WhatsApp, SMS and email Notifications to follow up with your workers, suppliers and even your customers

Do you offer backups?

Yes, free daily database backups are provided.

Is an industry specific POS system necessary?

Not necessarily. Although many programs are available for specific industries, many of them do not offer all of the features available in general retail software. Often times, a general retail software package can do everything that software for specific industries can do, plus a lot more. Using NeraPOS, you will only get exactly what you want and can easily upgrade at a later time.

Can I analyze customer data with NeraPOS?

Customer details and sales reports organized by customer can be efficiently retrieved by NeraPOS, and NeraPOS organize the information into reports in customized categories to improve comparisons and applying the data to future planning. You will have extensive reporting and analysis at the back end of the system. You can also set permissions for who you will allow to see the data.

Do you provide any kind of training?

Yes, we provide different training courses. You will have online training before launching NeraPOS. We also provide paid on-site training that we are happy to offer depending on business size and timeline. Our customer support team will always be there to support you and you can always rely on them.

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